Way To Pass Medical Interview

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Education is one important thing that we need to think early because along with the development times, higher levels of education more necessary. Though we have the skill, but if we do not have the certificate we could become a backward. Of course we can not fixated only on public education, we also must develop the skills that we have in order to be useful for the future.

One of the current workforce is required in almost all parts of the country are medical personnel. Examples of medical personnel are a physician, pharmacist, or other scholars in the field of health. Why are they so necessary? As to establish a successful state required health and welfare of the community in it.

When we decided to become a medic, of course we are faced with a problem that is quite difficult, the medical interview. Therefore we need enough knowledge to be able to pass a medical interview well if possible, online. One of the best providers of medical interviews skills training is medicalinterviewsuk.co.uk. They are Provide expert help and tuition for prospective doctors for all universities. Programs that are available include teach the teacher course, consultant interview course, medical teaching course, and medical management course.

Based in Oxford would become a benchmark of value and certification that we will achieve if we follow the course here. Equipped with a tutor who comes riding NHS consultants with the vast experience in the medical selection process, and the free video tutorials on how to prepare for the medical interview you can also learn how to pass through so it can qualify in the interview.

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D.G.S.Beauty's Back-to-School Giveaway

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The second giveaway i've entered is from D.G.S.Beauty. The prizes are :

theBalm Overshadow "You Buy, I'll Fly", Laura Geller Coral Chiffon Lipstick, Essie Nail Lacquer Mademoiselle, Too Faced Romantic Eye Collection, Sigma F45 Buffer Brush, and a few misc. samples.

I really wish i can win this giveaway (^_^). FYI, this giveaway will close on September 30, 2011. So if you want to enter, just click here (psstt..the giveaway is open internationally!). Good luck everyone!

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Giving away Sigma's FLARE Palette by Sara Hassan

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Assalammu'alaikum sahabat..i'm back. Setelah Dhanan usianya masuk 3 bulan (dan berarti udah bisa diajak jalan-jalan), akhirnya si mamanda mau mulai dandan lagi. Dan kali ini saya membawa kabar giveaway dari blognya Sara Hassan. hadiahnya adalah :

Kalau ada yang mau ikutan giveaway ini bisa klik disini. Giveaway ini berakhir pada tanggal 22 September 2011. Good luck ya!

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Nge-Tweet Lewat Echofon

17 komentar Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sebenarnya info ini sudah sangat jadul sekali. Tapi daripada ilmu ini menganggur dalam otak saya, jadi lebih baik dishare. Aplikasi echofon ini cocok sekali untuk para twitter addict (terutama yang belum menggunakan smartphone -seperti blackberry, iphone, android- dan menggunakan Firefox sebagai browsernya). Cara installnya mudah kok, tapi saran saya browser Firefoxnya diupgrade dulu jadi versi 3.6 keatas, supaya bisa menggunakan add-ons echofon (saya sendiri pakai firefox 3.6.9, bagi yang mau download silahkan klik disini).

Setelah mengupgrade Firefox, klik disini untuk mendownload dan install echofon. Jangan lupa firefoxnya direstart dulu, supaya add-ons bisa langsung aktif. Setelah itu ikuti petunjuknya dan masukkan akun twitter anda. Kalau akun anda sudah diautentifikasi, di sudut kanan atas browser akan ada logo echofon berwarna abu-abu/biru.

Keuntungan menggunakan aplikasi ini adalah kita bisa mengatur update timeline/ mention/ direct message setiap menit dalam bentuk pop up atau tidak sesuai keinginan, bisa juga mengeluarkan bunyi pada saat ada notifikasi tweet/reply baru. Mau menambahkan link pada tweet tinggal one-click dan langsung terhubung dengan halaman yang sedang dibuka di firefox.

Lalu fitur seperti reply, retweet, favorit dan kirim direct message sudah tersedia. Tidak perlu bolak-balik buka tab lain. Kerennya lagi,di tweet kita akan tertera "via echofon" sama seperti kalau nge-twit menggunakan blackberry atau iphone.

Selamat nge-tweet!

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Technology-based College

6 komentar Monday, April 18, 2011

Some of the world's most prestigious universities offer Online College for free knowledge. This is is an interactive learning tool, where the lecturers and students can communicate using Internet media. There are several benefits and advantages gained with the development of online web-based courses such as : Students can obtain the material with easy from wherever they are, as long as they are connected to internet, Students can do these exercises provided online, and score can immediately be seen after they spell out the exercises, The tasks given by the lecturer can be sent directly online via the internet, Data in the form of text, images, sounds, and video can be displayed dynamic web-based training applications, compared to a book that only display text and static images, and of course saves space required for computers that are located above a table, compared to a shelf of books and libraries which is need a larger space.

The Lecturer can provide material, either a file or writing, provide important information to his students, read and provide answers to the questions put by his students, take exam questions and also determine the validity of the test to its students. As for the students, they can choose classes, and courses that will follow. For example online degree programs in web designs, students can obtain course materials in the form of a file or reading from the lecturer concerned, send questions to the lecturer, send a contact to the other students, see the information from the lecturer concerned, and do the exam at a predetermined time. Students also can view the results of his performance on report cards module.

In Britain and the United States, many universities are offering online services courses to prospective students anywhere in the world for education level bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees. Students just sit in front of her computer to follow the tutor and learning activities in another country. But if the problems faced by future students in the learning process is the limited time and space available to communicate, or do not have the money for continuing education, so the students can register in the assistance program in http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ in order to receive federal student aid. Thus the cost of education to prospective students of lower socioeconomic status can be assisted

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Invest For Future

13 komentar Thursday, April 7, 2011

It is important in our life to invest what we have for the future because the need has increased along with development of the era. Even though you have an abundance of treasure, a priceless amount, chances are that you will lose it will continue to exist. What will you do to keep and preserve the wealth that you have? Are you going to keep it in the bank? Such a way that was no longer effective. What if the bank is bankrupt? whether the equipment is safe to store your treasures there? Then how if your needs increase and requires you to reduce the deposit of money that you have? You can not only save money, you also have to keep making money!

If you are thinking, which should have occurred to you is how to keep your property as well as produce. The trick is to invest. Invest your money in gold, because gold prices have always had above average earnings. Look for companies that make you feel safe to leave money in their savings accounts insured by you and treasure you have. You do not need to find a company that has a good level marketing. Look who has a strong background and has long come down in the business world gold investment.

The property you have to be invested in stocks or gold. But because of the increasing price of gold then gold are preferred by the people. Investing in gold has the smallest possible loss. If you want more easily, look for gold investment companies which can be accessed online. This can help us to continue to know the spot gold in the world and the right time for us to invest. Find companies which specialize in investing in gold or other precious metals. Their experience is the benchmark of your success in investing

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Earn Dollar From Review

Saturday, February 5, 2011

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